My games

Neverwinter Nights 1: Dastards Morrow
I've been modding games ever since the original Neverwinter Nights came out in 2002. A mere three years after the release of Neverwinter Nights, I produced the Hall of Fame module Dastards Morrow: Maiden Voyage. This ten-hour adventure was intended to be the first in a series, but unfortunately, the maiden voyage turned out to be the final voyage of the Dastards Morrow as well. At the time, I had no idea what it took to produce a game of that length.

Neverwinter Nights 1: Myranni's Magic
In 2006, I entered the Bioware Writing Contest with an entry entitled Myranni's Magic. This was a much more manageable 15-minute game about a hero (the PC, natch) who has to watch over a magic shop for the day. It won the Judges Award.

Dastards Morrow and Myranni's Magic are available for free on The Neverwinter Nights Vault.

After that, I worked with Ossian Studios on Mysteries of Westgate, an Adventure Pack for Neverwinter Nights 2. Along with various quests, I wrote the character of Rinara, a former member of a mysterious gang known as the Night Masks.
Neveterwinter Nights 2: Mysteries of Westgate
So what's next? Well, I'm currently working on a standalone module for Dragon Age called The Rotted Rose. I'll be posting updates on the blog as I make progress (duh, that's why the blog is called "The Rotted Rose").
Dragon Age: The Rotted Rose (WIP)